World Chocolate Masters Discovery


As a child I would collect butterflies with my father. We used to collect local species from the surrounding region of Yorkshire, and we would mail order exotic species that originated from places like Peru, Madagascar and PNG.

I found the local butterflies dull and boring and never really payed attention to them but I just I loved the spectacular colours and varieties of the exotic butterflies. There were so many!

 The recent covid pandemic and lock down, brought the local community together to help and support local businesses who were fighting for survival.  

 When I was researching my theme for the WCM, the journey inspired me to discover local artisan businesses I didn’t even know existed. Farmers, dairy, fruit, flour, wine and whisky producers..

 But not just food producers but small family run businesses – businesses with a real personal touch with expert knowledge.  

 Joiners who helped me be here today, die cutters for making packaging, my local fruit merchants who expertly source my exotic fruits and ingredients with their incredible knowledge and passion.

 Just like the local butterflies I did not appreciate as a child I did not look to the surrounding local businesses while growing my own business. I was more interested in the exotic couvertures and ingredients just like the exotic butterflies with the many varieties.

 But this competition has taught me there are so many amazing ingredients in my own county of Yorkshire and so many amazing businesses that can support me. And by supporting each other we are supporting families and the local economy.

For me this is Local Love and I really hope you’ve enjoyed my creations.















The White Rose of York dates back to the 14th Century and the Royal House of York. In modern times it is used as the symbol of the county of Yorkshire, where I call home.

#SHARE is about coming together with family and friends in their home to enjoy good food and company.
My #LOCALLOVE #SHARE dessert uses locally sourced and home grown berries to create a unique dessert based on the Heritage and symbolic Yorkshire Rose.

The Yorkshire Rose
A Yorkshire Foraged Gateaux
As a child my favourite dessert was a black forest gateaux. I have used this as inspiration for my sharing concept with some twists.

The petals of the rose are filled with pistachio and sour cherry chocolate gateaux, pistachio praline crunch, a Yorkshire berry compote (Including home grown and locally farmed blueberries & blackberries), with a white chocolate and vanilla ganache.



My wow creation is an illustration of the marriage of the locally produced Yorkshire Whisky with the tropical and exotic produce of chocolate.

Metamorphosis, taking produce and changing it into something amazing! Just like the butterfly!

As a child I grew up collecting local and exotic butterflies with my father. I found the local butterflies dull and boring, while the exotic tropical butterflies so colorful and vibrant with so many varieties.

As I was growing my business, much like when I collected butterflies, I found chocolate and exotic ingredients much more exciting than the local ingredients around me.

During the Covid lock down and preparations for the WCM competition I was amazed at some of the producers I didn’t even know existed in my own county of Yorkshire.

Filey Bay Whisky was right on my door step and when I visited the farm in the summer I saw the same local butterflies I used to collect as a child. It brought back so many memories and was a perfect way to tell the story of my bonbon for WOW




I was inspired by a local producer who’s farm is only 7 miles from my home. Annabel’s deliciously British producers some of the best strawberries in the UK. I wanted to pair this with chocolates to make a light fresh patisserie.

The core flavours are Strawberries and Tarragon. The strawberries coming form a farm 7 miles from my house and the tarragon grown in my garden.



Spirt of Yorkshire

The inspiration comes form my Yorkshire born father, who’s favourite drink was whisky and orange, and would enjoy roasted pecans with his drink. In 2019 I discovered the farm in Filey Bay Yorkshire which is completely self sufficient, they grow their own barley, bore their own water from the ground and generate their own electricity to power the farm where they distill the whisky.

They are only one of two completely self sufficient farms in the whole of the UK. I couldn’t believe this company was literally on my door step and I had to use in the WCM.



Yorkshire Dodger!

My Mono concept need to be easy to pick up and eaten on the go.
Growing up I used to love Jammy Dodgers, and I used the shape as inspiration for my creations.

The sports hero I wanted to incorporate elements of a protein date bar I make in my company with healthy nutritional low sugar ingredients and avocado and some health supplements. 

The explorer I wanted to use exotic ingredients that people from my home town would not have come across.

The hedonist, well that is me, caramel, hazelnuts and a beautiful ganache!



Sustainable Beauty

Butterflies bring colour to nature and our lives, they are important in pollination of fruit and crops. Their sustainability is as important as bees in making sure we have future crops to make amazing chocolate delicacies with and enjoy their amazing colours.

The show piece shows cacao fruit and butterflies… with inspiration from the tree WOW



Most people are familiar with the common household items for recycling of plastics, packaging etc etc.


Making high end chocolate creations we try to keep food waste to a minimum but sometimes it is unavoidable. We use Forge Recycling of Yorkshire for our food waste. Their technologies ensure 100% landfill diversion of food waste and supports the Circular Economy.

They have successfully introduced food recycling to sites across Yorkshire and utilising food bins to capture valuable organic matter that can be recycled indefinitely, rather than it being incinerated in general waste.