About Us


It's all about the chocolate

Lauden Chocolate was born out of frustration by their owners not being able to buy fine chocolate where they live. They would regularly visit some fantastic chocolate shops with great customer service but their taste buds were more than often left unsatisfied. To the owners, Sun and Stephen,“It’s all about the Chocolate!” so they decided to make their own.

Stephen Trigg & Sun Trigg Artisan Chocolatiers


A Singaporean chocolatier living in the North of England with a passion for fine food. Her love of chocolate comes from living for 10 years in Belgium frequenting the many chocolate boutiques. It was here she was presented with the opportunity to bring the chocolate brand ‘Leonidas’ to Singapore 20 years ago. She decided, at that time, Singapore was not ready for fine chocolate so she turned her attentions to building a reputable furniture manufacturing company in central Java. Being surrounded by chocolate plantations her desire to return to chocolate in the future always remained. Life eventually took her to the North of England, a long way from the forests of Central Java or the cosmopolitan city of Singapore. It was here she settled and started Lauden Chocolate using her creative flair to inspire wonderful chocolates using both English and Asian ingredients, like her Raspberry & Rose or Lemongrass Chocolates.


Grew up a Chocoholic! As a child, every Christmas he would eat all his 400g Cadburys bar from Santa followed by his brothers which would cause a family feud! From Cadburys he progressed onto Thorntons until a few years ago Sun introduced him to a small chocolate boutique in Singapore. This chocolate was high on flavour and low on sugar. There was no going back! Stephen worked for a large Multinational law firm and ran other business ventures while researching and learning as much as he could about chocolate. In 2007 with Sun, he set up Lauden Chocolate and continues to develop the company based on one underlying principle... "It’s all about the chocolate!"